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Exhibit Design

Exhibit Design

I help design immersive exhibits through signage preparation and installation around themed celebrations that engage campus students, faculty, and the local community.

Mental Health Exhibit

It's Ok to Not Be Ok

I researched and designed a collection of uplifting positive messages from famous activists, celebrities, and ground-breaking athletes to break the stigma surrounding mental health.

About the Exhibit

A collaboration with MiraCosta’s Counseling and Health Department, AIS, UPRISE, Child Development Center, MiraCosta College staff and faculty, and community partners.

Shaping History Exhibit

Famous Firsts

A series of twelve informational posters showcasing the historical journey of first African Americans in Congress, from Hiram Revels' Senator seat in the late 19th century to present day, Ketanji Brown Jackson, as the first African American woman to serve as justice, elected in 2022.